Business English

  • Does your business need to use English for negotiating?
  • Do your employees need to speak English to clients or customers?
  • Do your employees need to pass an English exam?
  • At Odyssey Language Academy, we understand that English can be a vital part in a successful company or business. That is why we offer our clients the opportunity to have a teacher sent to the place of work to help maximize your employees’ English abilities.

    Each business has a unique way that they need to use English. This is why our Director of Studies creates personalized syllabi and material to ensure that your business improves the way you need it to.

    What We Offer

  • Personalised syllabus and materials
  • On-site teaching
  • Exam preparation where applicable
  • If you want to discuss the possibility of having your own personalized teaching experience in your business contact us for more details.