General English

Focus on improving your overall level of English in all the main skill areas through interactive and interesting lessons.

These lessons are tailored to your needs and interests.


Teens and Adults

Key Competencies:

You will develop all the skills necessary to be a fluent and capable user of English. We shall be improving your Speaking, Pronunciation, Listening, Reading and Writing skills through our dynamic communicative approach.

You will be ready to converse in English and tackle all situations with our Practical English lessons as well as being able to cope with Native Speakers with the use of authentic material.

Don’t worry if you think you will want to take an exam in the future as all of the skills you learn here will be applicable and transferrable to all exams.


Lessons are taught in an immersive English environment where you will always be learning and practicing. Our teachers do not necessarily follow a coursebook, so the speed and content of the lessons are tailored for your specific needs as a class. This also means you will not need to buy a course book.


Monthly lessons are 55 EUR for 2 lessons a week with an optional exam practice on Fridays.