Young Learner's

We use fun and interactive methods to teach young children English through play and songs.

Our specialised teachers will ensure your children learn effectively and prepare themselves for a future with English.


Ages 5 - 9

Key Competencies:

Your children will learn English in the form of play, fun and songs. They will learn vocabulary and have confidence in speaking.

Your children will learn how to speak without focusing on Grammar and develop their English the same way as a native would learn.

We want your children to enjoy learning English and be able to prepare for their futures. Make English a part of their lives with our fantastic teaching team.


Lessons are taught in an immersive English only environment where you will always be learning and practicing. We have created a fun and fantastic course for the little ones which will interest them and make them want to come back again and again.


Monthly lessons are 45 EUR for 2 lessons a week with an optional exam practice on Fridays.