Our Online Classroom

About 80% of English speakers are non-natives

Learn to speak and communicate with students of different nationalities and accents!

Join in one of our online classrooms and learn English with other students!!

With our online classes you will be able to learn as a group, communicate with partners, work together to do tasks and use English all of the time!

What we offer

We are currently running classes for CEFR levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1. Join and practice all the necessary skills to improve your English!!

Enjoy the same quality teaching at a lower price with the benefit of learning together!

Meet your new classmates today and master the English language together!

How it works

Lessons run every day Monday to Friday at the same time** - €25 you will have access to classes for that week! This means that each lesson is only €5 per hour!

All classes are 60 mins and use the platform Vedamo which doesn’t require download.

Schedule will be announced soon!!

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Personalised Lessons

We Also offer personalised 1 on 1 lessons

All classes are tailored to the students needs and we cater for all levels and ages.

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